Nineveh Tops 2010 Reconstruction Contract Ratings

Nineveh signed more reconstruction project contracts with international firms in the past financial year than any other Iraqi province, said the provincial governor on Sunday.

Athiel al-Nujaifi told AKnews that a total of 44 companies from around the have undertaken major reconstruction projects in the province in the fields of tourism, industry, public services and housing.

“These contracts with international companies will encourage a lot of Iraqi firms to participate in the reconstruction with them, thus improving their workforce skills and contributing to the development of the province,” he said.

“Some of these projects are almost complete,” Nujaifi continued, “…the most prominent are the construction of residential complexes, hotels, leisure facilities and shopping malls”.

The companies contracted come from Germany, Turkey, Italy, Korea, Japan, Syria, India, and Britain, he explained.

“Nineveh province registered the largest percentage of contracts signed with international companies compared to the other Iraqi provinces in 2010-2011”.

Attracting such a large number of global firms to the oil-rich province has been no mean feat. Nineveh province and its capital Mosul have been a hot bed of insurgent activity since the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq.

Despite extensive efforts to curb violence in the territorially-disputed province, Nineveh remains a stronghold of Sunnite militant groups and witnesses daily scenes of insurgent violence.

(Source: AKnews)

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