Iraq Buildex Exhibition 2012

Iraq’s rebuilding process has been the main focus of a massive number of local and international building and construction companies as well as contractors and sub-contractors. Tens of billions of dollars have been invested in housing projects, hospitals, schools and infrastructure in Iraq over the past years and Baghdad, being the capital city of Iraq, hosted the largest commercial activities especially in 2010 following an upward trend.

Iraq National Investment Commission and the Ministry of Planning issued a call for some 3.5 million houses to be build in 10 years time. National Investment Commission expects that 85% of this construction plan will be realized by private sector. It is also estimated that the sector will be the most attractive operation field for foreign commercial activity in the next decade. Residential Real Estate Sector was the primary sector for investment in 2010 by comprising 33.1% of foreign investment that costed 14 billion USD.

Iraq Buildex International Building and Building Materials Exhibition will be a unique meeting platform for international investors operating in the construction sector to supply their products and services to meet the demand of both housing and infrastructure projects of country.

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