Another Way Iraq Business News Can Help You

Despite the well-known challenges facing the country, Iraq's business is on a steep upward trend. Foreign investment, for example, increased by almost 50% last year, and there are no indications that money will not continue to flow into the country.

In the past week alone, we've reported on a Korean company signing a deal for 25 power plants, one of the biggest oil services companies forecasting increased activity in the country, and a prediction that Iraqi Kurdistan will expand faster than Dubai.

It's important that your business is not left behind.

To help you promote your business in Iraq, IBN has devised two new sponsorship packages. For a £100 one-off charge your can either write your own article with a text link to your web site, or sponsor an existing article again with a text link to your site. These text links are one of the most effective ways to advertise, and they have the added advantage that the article and your link remain on the IBN site permanently for as long as the site exists.

You can find more details by clicking here.

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