Iraq Serious About Education

Iraq is not just a nodding donkey.

The country's progress can be seen not just in its growing population of oil wells, nor even merely in its breeding building sites. It can also be admired in its rapid expansion in education.

Najaf, a city of around 600,000 people south of Baghdad, is to build 15 more schools, according to the National Media Center. Although three have funding from the World Bank, most are local government projects.

Basra University has entered into a joint agreement with the University of Oregon in the USA. This will help develop English language skills, as well as bringing petroleum engineering and geology to Basra, Iraq's largest port town with two million inhabitants.

Al Muthanna University in Samawah, a city south-east of Baghdad with a population of around 130,000, is teaming up with Russian universities for a scientific and cultural exchange. The Russian universities are Altai State Technical University, Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, and the Moscow State Geological University.

Iraq is also renewing academic ties with Egypt, reports AKnews. Egypt is going to open branches of its universities in Iraq, and the two countries are going to exchange visits of students and teachers.


(Sources: National Media Center; AKnews; Encyclopaedia Britannica)

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