Key Bills Moving Through the Iraqi Parliament

The following article was written by Kirk H Sowell, and published in Inside Iraqi Politics. It is reproduced here with permission. The opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News.

Parliament currently lists 79 bills registered for consideration with a committee (list) but not yet voted on, 68 which have been through the first reading in parliament (list), but only 32 which have been through the second (list). A bill must pass through three “readings” to become law. Some key bills which are on the latter list – those presumably close to becoming law – are listed below. But note that a disproportionate amount of bills which are not generally considered high-priority have progressed while others have not (i.e. the law on official holidays is through the second reading but the oil law is still in committee).

Prime Minister Maliki often speaks of the many bills in parliament which the country needs but which parliament has not passed, in many cases not even voted on. A member of his State of Law Coalition recently complained that there were 22 bills in parliament related to security matters. If the parliament‟s website is current there are only nine total, but there is no question they have much to do.

These are some prominent bills which have passed the “second reading”:

  • Public Prosecutors Law
  • Law for Financing Construction Projects
  • Law Prohibiting Officials From Holding Two Government Positions Simultaneously
  • Higher Judicial Council Law (the new Federal Courts Law, a separate legislation, is at first reading)
  • Law Applying Iraqi Law to Private Security Companies
  • Law of Security Companies
  • Law on the Sunni and Shia Waqf Foundations