Scania to Assemble Trucks in Iraq

Adnan al-Sharif, head of the state-owned car manufacturing company, has told Azzaman news agency that Swedish truck manufacturer Scania is to set up an assembly line in Iraq for the production of 800 trucks a year.

Sharif did not say how the deal will be financed, but he said his company aspires to become Scania’s sole representative in Iraq.

“The deal with Scania calls for the assembly and production of trucks. It includes the production and marketing of 800 trucks a year,” he said.

Sharif said the deal with Scania was the eighth his company had signed with foreign car manufactures to outsource their production in the country.

He said Iraq was assemblying and producing, with foreign assistance, different kinds of vehicles.

“The company now has the expertise to produce (an Iraqi) car,” he said.

Scania had a large assembly factory in Iraq since the 1970s. Most of Iraqi trucks were produced in the factory which was based in Iskandaria, south of Baghdad.

(Source: Azzaman)

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