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Discontinued Iranian Car Selling Well in Iraq

By John Lee. Iranian car maker Saipa has reportedly said that its discontinued 'Pride' model is still selling well in Iraq. An official at the company said that, at $6,800, the Kia-based car is the cheapest in Iraq, and it has already sold 160,000 units in Iraq this year. According to Press TV, the car […]

Iraqi Cabinet to Help Young Entrepreneurs

By John Lee. The Iraqi cabinet has said it will simplify company registration procedures for young entrepreneurs (aged 18-35 years), and exempt them from any associated fees. It has also announced that it will provide unemployed graduates and others wishing to start manufacturing projects with free training and support to start their projects. The new […]

Iran Khodro ups Capacity at Iraq Plant

By John Lee. Iran Khodro (IKCO) has said that 2,500 units of its Samand model (pictured) are expected to be produced this year in its Iraq plant. The site at Iskandariya has been upgraded with new equipment, and now has the capacity to make 45 to 50 cars per day. (Source: IKCO)

Scania to Assemble Trucks in Iraq

Adnan al-Sharif, head of the state-owned car manufacturing company, has told Azzaman news agency that Swedish truck manufacturer Scania is to set up an assembly line in Iraq for the production of 800 trucks a year. Sharif did not say how the deal will be financed, but he said his company aspires to become Scania‚Äôs […]

Iraq to Assemble 9 Car Brands

Iraq's Industry Minister, Ahmad Nasser al-Karbouli [Ahmed Nassar Dali al-Karbouli, Ahmad Nader Dali], unveiled a plan on Tuesday to assemble nine brands of vehicles in Iraq. "The Industry Ministry has a plan to sign eight agreements to assemble vehicles of different brands, including Hyundai and Cherry, in addition to manufacturing car batteries and tires," al-Karbouli […]