$850m Housing Projects for Karbala

The Karbala Investment Commission laid the cornerstone for four housing developments valued at a total of $850 million [1 trillion Iraqi dinars], and consisting of about 11.000 housing units, Media Director Raed al-Asali told Aswat al-Iraq:

  • The first project will be carried out by a Chinese company to erect 1,300 housing units in Hur area, 5 km west of Karbala, at a cost of 70 million dollars;
  • The second consists of 5,166 housing units to be built by a Turkish company, 10 km southwest of Karbala at a cost of 467 million dollars;
  • The third will cover 3,828 housing units to be implemented by a Canadian company at a cost of 76 million dollars;
  • The fourth project will cost 237 million dollars, include 1,300 housing units by a Turkish company, 2 km outside of the main city.

He added the infrastructure requirements, such as sewerage, water, communications, electricity, internal roads, hospitals, police stations, markets and malls, will be included in these projects.

(Source: Aswat al-Iraq)

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