The 22 Most Influential Iraqis

Arabian Business has just published its list of the 500 most influential Arabs, and 22 Iraqis make the cut:






Rank Name Residence Co. of Origin Primary Industry

50 Zaha Hadid London,UK Iraq Culture & Society

58 Sinaan Antoon New York,US Iraq Arts & Entertainment

81 Selim Zilka Los Angeles,USA Iraq Retail

99 Kazim Al Saher Cairo,Egypt Iraq Culture & Society

134 Nemir Kirdar Manama,Bahrain Iraq Banking & Finance

197 Rifat Chadirji Baghdad,Iraq Iraq Culture & Society

228 Nadhmi Auchi London,UK Iraq Construction & Industry

287 Ghaith Abdul-Ahad Baghdad,Iraq Iraq Media

298 The Narcycist Montreal,Canada Iraq Arts & Entertainment

299 Abbas Shakir Joudi Norfolk,US Iraq Culture & Society

312 Taha Jaber Al Alwani Washington DC,US Iraq Culture & Society

331 Amal Al Khedairy Baghdad,Iraq Iraq Culture & Society

345 Manal Omar Baghdad,Iraq Iraq Culture & Society

355 Younis Mahmood Baghdad,Iraq Iraq Sport

374 Madeeha Hasan Odhaib Baghdad,Iraq Iraq Culture & Society

390 Sinan Al Shabibi Baghdad,Iraq Iraq Banking & Finance

407 Khaled Muhmood Hanoi,Vietnam Iraq Culture & Society

418 Amir Slama Sao Paulo,Brazil Iraq Culture & Society

419 Sayyed Hassan Al Qazwini Dearborn,US Iraq Culture & Society

426 Daisy Al Amir Baghdad,Iraq Iraq Arts & Entertainment

452 Emad Makiya Baghdad,Iraq Iraq Telecoms

456 Lihadh Al Ghazali Dubai ,UAE Iraq Science


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(Source: Arabian Business)

2 Responses to The 22 Most Influential Iraqis

  1. arabi ahmed 26th July 2011 at 17:31 #

    What about the iraqi physicst - Jim Al-khalili. He has done more than anyone to promote a positive image of arabs in general and in iraqis in particular to the outside world through his work in the field of astrophysics- surely he deserves more recongintion than the almost 90% of people listed in this article

  2. what about lowkey 2nd February 2012 at 08:32 #

    What abaout kareem dennis aka lowkey
    definetly should be on there.. very disappointed