Shell Expands Further in Iraq

Shell Global Solutions has signed an agreement with the South Refineries Company of Iraq for the provision of technology licenses to a refinery in Basra, Southern Iraq.

Shell Global Solutions will provide a license for a sulphur recovery unit and visbreaker unit as part of the agreement. Together with the refinery expansion, these technologies will contribute to optimised operations at the Basra refinery, significantly boosting capacity.

The sulphur recovery unit is likely to enable the refinery to meet and exceed world standards for emissions whilst the visbreaking unit will help increase overall upgrading, building a future-proof solution.

The upgrading of the refinery will contribute to fulfilling Iraq’s expected future demand for oil products.

“These license agreements demonstrate Shell Global Solutions’ commitment to the country and the development of this sector, as part of the Shell Group’s long-term strategy in Iraq...We are now entering the downstream sector in Iraq, a key growth market” said S. Ozmen, Vice President Licensing, Shell Global Solutions.

“We expect the technology to spearhead the revamp of the Basra refinery, which is likely to lead to its best in class status” said Hanna Al-Jadaa, Project Director, South Refineries Company.


(Sources: Shell; South Refineries Company)

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