Iraq Future Energy 2011

The Iraq Future Energy Conference will be hosted in Istanbul, Turkey, from 26th September to 29th September.

There is a full programme to demonstrate how energy and infrastructure companies can take a piece of the projects worth tens of billions of US dollars.

Attendees can learn about the Ministry of Oil's four-year plan ending in 2014, the reorganisation of the Ministry of Oil, new regulations related to energy, and on getting the balance between domestic energy needs and exports, and how the electricity and oil and gas sectors can help.

There will be talks from Shell, Total and StatOil on their own projects, and attendees will learn what is on offer in the fourth bidding round for oil and gas-related projects.

Other sessions cover Iraq's ambitious infrastructure plans, including upgrading pipelines and building storage terminals, as well as information on the financing and how to overcome Iraqi bureaucracy.

And all that is just part of what's happening on the first day of the conference. For more details, visit The Energy Exchange.

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