Is Iraq a Third-World Country?

The big news this week is the sacking of the Iraqi electricity minister, following the revelation that two recently-announced power generation contracts were, let's say, 'questionable'.

While the idea that a government and civil service can be fooled by a website and a company presentation may seem far-fetched, bear in mind that in Iraq the business of government is often carried out through amateur-looking websites and Yahoo emails. If proper due diligence didn't follow, few would be surprised.

But this assumes that the officials involved made a naive or incompetent mistake; there is also a theory that the mistake was deliberate rather than incompetent.

In either case, it reflects very poorly on the administration.

If Iraq wants to be taken seriously, it must stop behaving like a third-world country.


One Response to Is Iraq a Third-World Country?

  1. AK 11th August 2011 at 05:56 #

    No one can deny that there is a certain level of corruption in Iraq and the notorious investments some government officials have in their positions to promote offshore politics and personal interests. However, if we compare the level of corruption in 2006 or 2007 and in today, definitely a noticeable change has happened but not with the corruption itself but the detecting and punishment aspects. over hundreds of "phony" contracts have been signed and even paid for in the last 7 to 8 years and it really saddens but in contrast many of the same contracts are being detected as the Commission Of Integrity and parliament members who are hungry for publicity or "justice" are doing great job at pointing their indexes at every possible case.

    No one can get through Syria's international Airport without paying some amount of money to corrupted airport staff or at any security check points, or in China as a world economic leader where every doctor get pain around $400 a month and notoriously taking bribes from any patient visiting the hospital or in Italy and its PM with his "adventurous" sex life, or in US when it comes to the percentage of poverty and homeless people in comparison to Iraq or the level of oppression in some arab-oil-rich countries, despite considering the conditions iraq was in before 2003. I can say Iraq is a 3 world country in comparison to Japan, Hong Kong, UK, US or France but in comparison to Iraq's regional neighbors, Iraq is not doomed and it is on its way to development and prosperity.