Kuwaiti-Funded School Opens in Karbala

AKnews reports that a primary school funded by a Kuwaiti grant of more than $2 million [2.4 billion Iraqi dinars] was opened in Karbala on Wednesday.

Opening the school, the undersecretary of the education ministry said that Iraq needs more than 5,000 schools to be opened during the next year to cope with the rising demand.

Karbala governor said the planning ministry has prevented the local authority from building schools from regional development funds saying that this will create a crisis in the provision of school places for students next year.

Undersecretary Hassanein Fadel al-Maala said: "The school is one of seven schools established by the Kuwaiti Development Grant. The first was opened in Erbil province and two will be opened in the capital, Baghdad, and one school in each of Karbala, Kirkuk, Najaf, Babil and Mosul.

"Iraq needs to build 5,000 schools during the next year and it is a task that needs large sums of money. The Federal Education Ministry is moving towards contracting with international companies to build these schools according to the credit payment terms."

Karbala city (108 km southwest of the Iraqi capital Baghdad) has been flooded with displaced families during the sectarian violence of the last few years, especially from the provinces of Diyala, Mosul and Baghdad, increasing the population from 650,000 people to more than 1,250,000, according to the Karbala governor.

(Source: AKnews)

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