Supply of Water Intake Pumps and Drinking Water Pumps For Samawa Loading and Unloading Station

SCOP announces for a new supply of water intake pumps and drinking water pumps tender for Samawa loading and unloading station.

The materials should be European , American , Canadian, Japanese and English.

Tender documents may be collected (by an authorized representative of the tenderer) at SCOP's headquarter in Baghdad against the payment of a non-refundable One Hundred Fifty Thousand Iraqi Dinars.

Companies are required  to submit the following documents duly legalized and authenticated by the Iraqi Embassy (or representation) in the country of registration of the company:

1- Document of institution of the foreign companies issued from chamber of commerce or industry  approved by foreign ministry & Iraqi Embassy at the same country.

2-Document of institution of Iraqi companies issued from companies register in trade ministry with valid discharge from tax office .

3- Authorization letter of the representative of company who purchase the tender.

4-Tenderers shall provide a preliminary deposit (bid bond) of one percent (1%) of the offered price. It shall be in the form of guarantee or cheque issued by a bank in Iraq.

5-Bidder shall be either a manufacturer or one of its legally certified.

6-The bidder who will be awarded this tender shall bear the advertisement cost which should be paid by the contractor before signature of the contract.

7-A copy of the receipt for the purchase of the Tender documents .

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