Fluor Drops Protest against $500m KBR Contract

Fluor Corporation has dropped a protest filed last month with the Government Accountability Office challenging a $500 million award to KBR for a logistics support contract in Iraq, according to a report from Bloomberg.

According to the news agency, a Fluor spokesman said the company had no comment.

The contract was on hold until the protest was resolved. The hold has been lifted, said Army Sustainment Command spokeswoman Linda Theis.

Houston, Texas-based KBR announced August 2 it will continue working for the State Department in its previous Iraq role of providing base support after U.S. troops are scheduled to withdraw in December.

KBR will support the State Department’s embassy staff, including utilities management, fire fighting, food services, laundry, shuttle bus services, fuel and postal operations.

The one-year contract includes a one-year option.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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