Qatar's Woqod to Build Oil Infrastructure in Basra

The Qatari petroleum company, Woqod, has revealed a plan to invest in the oil sector through the construction of oil warehouses for logistic support to oil companies in Basra.

The representative of the company, Mr. Khaleel Hassan, said during his meeting with the deputy chairman of Basra Investment Commission that his company has several similar projects all over the world and that they hope to expand their investments to include the south of Iraq.

He added that the project requires an area of land near the oil ports of Basra and that the first phase includes the construction of warehouses to store and transfer energy while the second phase will include fuel and gas projects.

The deputy chairman of BIC, Eng. Haider Ali Fadhil, said that BIC is always seeking to attract Gulf oil companies in order to provide logistic support for Iraqi oil companies; he also said that such projects provide job opportunities for local labour.

(Source: Basra Investment Commission)

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