US Helps Iraq Build Safe and Efficient Rail System

Iraq’s railways are now safer and more efficient as a result of two projects funded with $60 million by the United States.

The successful completion of the Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) system and Digital Microwave Radio Communication Network (DMRCN) will help Iraq to move goods, people, and raw materials quickly about the country.

They provide the Iraq Republic Railways (IRR) with a state-of-the-art train control system that allows dispatchers to track and control rail movements throughout the IRR network.

Railroad operators will know the exact position of every train with significantly greater accuracy than with traditional signaling systems, which allows more traffic to be handled on the system.

With more trains able to move at the same time, more people can safely travel throughout the country, and more products for sale and export can reach markets and shipping sites quickly.

This communication system became fully operational in September after seven years of work. The approximately $60 million for the projects came from the Iraq Reconstruction and Relief Fund, while the planning and development work was a cooperative effort by U.S. and the IRR.

These projects are two among many shared U.S.- Iraq programs supporting infrastructure improvements in the country as part of the United States’ commitment to supporting Iraq’s economic development under the Strategic Framework Agreement.

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