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Iraq to link Rail Network with Iran

By John Lee. Iraq's state-run Iraqi Republic Railways (IRR) announced on Tuesday that it plans to link its rail network to that of neighbouring Iran. IRR Information Director Abdul Sattar Mohsen told Anadolu Agency that Iraqi and Iranian officials had already held several meetings to discuss the project. He added that several international companies had […]

First of 10 New Fast Trains Ready for Shipment

By John Lee. China's Dongfang Electric Corp. has completed the first of 10 high speed, desert modified diesel trains at a ceremony attended by Iraq's ambassador to China, Railway Gazette reports. The trains were ordered in 2012, a year after Iraq announced plans for a Basra to Baghdad high speed rail route, an initiative that does not […]

Iraq to Receive Two Chinese Trains

By John Lee. Iraqi Railways is to receive two Chinese-build trains within the next two months. The trains are part of a ten-train, $115-million contract with China to develop railways sector. The handover of the remaining trains depends on the completion of the Baghdad-Basra-Umm Qasr railway line, which has been delayed due to lack of funds. […]

New Comms Network Ensures Efficient Rail System for Iraqis

By John Lee. The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and the Iraqi Republic Railroad (IRR) celebrated the launch of Iraq’s new Computer-Based Train Control (CBTC) and Digital Microwave Radio Communications Network (DMRCN) during a handover ceremony on July 18. The project was sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, through the U.S. Department of Transportation, in coordination with […]

Iranian Company to Repair Iraqi Trains

AKnews reports that Iraq's Transport Ministry has officially agreed to award the contract for refurbishing 50 Iraqi trains to the Iranian Wadi al-Bar Company. A spokesman for Iraq's railways told the agency that the company will repair the trains and carry out maintenance at the rail depot and workshop at Samawa (pictured). The Transport Ministry […]

Rail Revenues Up 25%

The revenues of the Iraqi Republic Railways Company were 24.5 percent higher in October than in September, according to AKnews. The Transport Ministry announced that the IRR's revenues reached 1.6 billion IQD ($1.3 million USD) in October, compared to 1.3 billion IQD ($1.1 million USD) the previous month. Only 9.6 percent (153 million IQD/$128,300 USD) […]

US Helps Iraq Build Safe and Efficient Rail System

Iraq’s railways are now safer and more efficient as a result of two projects funded with $60 million by the United States. The successful completion of the Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) system and Digital Microwave Radio Communication Network (DMRCN) will help Iraq to move goods, people, and raw materials quickly about the country. They […]