Hydrocarbon Reserves in Iraq

Items 1 to 5 will depend on the results of assessment by the operators that will probably take at least two years of data acquisition including 3D seismic, drilling and testing.

Deep drilling, slightly touched on by the Minister of Oil in the road show of BR-4 in Amman on the 11th Sept 11, remains a dream for a while due to its cost. The main target here is the equivalent of the Khuff Formation that is gas prone in the Gulf Area.

New exploration in a fifth Round or by OEC looks limited noting absence of strategy. Following a request from the DG of OEC to the author, condensed strategy guidelines in 5 pages ware presented to him over a year ago, nevertheless Bid Round-4 came out unsupported by any strategy apart from the motive of increased production.

In this article the increase of reserves as result of re-evaluation of Recovery Factor will be discussed and the production capacity of Iraq, based on realistic optimum production plateau targets (PPTs) will be suggested.

Revising the RFs and PPTs

The first estimate of the RF is made on field’s discovery based on:

  • Drilling results Well testing
  • Reservoir geology
  • Reservoir and fluid properties
  • Presence or absence of water drive
  • Performance of similar fields

Initial estimate is subject to continuous revision when the field/ reservoir is put into production following further testing, monitoring and studies. Static reservoir data alone is the beginning but as more dynamic data becomes available the better reserve estimate is derived.

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