Baghdad Considers Action Against ExxonMobil

Dr Hussain al-Sharistani, Iraq’s deputy prime minister responsible for energy, told reporters in London that Baghdad is considering its action against ExxonMobil for "breaching the law" by entering into an exploration agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG):

"ExxonMobil has written to the Iraqi Government about this, and they have received the response from the Ministry of Oil and from the Prime Minister's office that contracts will not be recognised unless they are approved by the Iraqi Govenment, and that their contract in the South at West Qurna 1 obliges them to respect all Iraqi rules and regulations, and in this particular  case there is a breach of the law. The Iraqi Government is considering actions, and it will inform the company before it makes any public announcement."

"The position of the U.S. government has been that they have been unaware of it and if they had been asked, they would have advised [Exxon] to get approval of the Iraqi government before going ahead."

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  1. Re da Caste 24th November 2011 at 00:58 #

    This Sharistani is a really mess for Iraq!