Iraq: Pick a Sector

We all know oil and gas are the drivers of Iraq's economy and will fuel the development of the country, but it would be a mistake to think that all the investment in Iraq will go into energy-related infrastructure.

Taking a totally unrelated sector as an example, healthcare in Iraq has received massive funding and continues to do so.

US Vice President Joe Biden pointed out that the United States has completed nearly 1,800 projects in Iraq’s health sector valued at close to $1 billion:

  • renovating 133 primary health care centres;
  • providing critical emergency maternity care, along with medical and dental equipment;
  • with the government of Iraq, jointly building, renovating and expanding hospitals throughout this country.

And the US has just launched a $74 million project to improve primary health care at 360 clinics in over 18 provinces.

That's just one example, but every sector of the economy is ripe for development, and companies are queueing up to be part of it. Will your company be among them?

If you're considering taking that step into the Iraqi market, Upper Quartile and AAIB are the perfect team to guide you. For more information please contact Gavin Jones or Adrian Shaw.

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