Rumaila Output Down following Attack, Exports not Affected

Oil production at Iraq's Rumaila oilfield has been cut from about 1.4 million barrels per day to by around 700,000 bpd after yesterday's a bomb attack on southern crude pipelines, according to Reuters.

The fire that resulted raged all night but was put out on Wednesday morning.

Salah Mohammad, general manager of the Rumaila Operating Organisation, told Reuters that production from the Rumaila oilfield was partially shutdown since Tuesday.

But an oil ministry spokesman said on Wednesday that Iraq's oil exports will not be affected by the attack:

"We have enough storage until we repair these pipelines. We will bypass the oil pumping operations through another pipeline network until repairs are done," spokesman Asim Jihad told Reuters.

He added that it will take a week or less to repair the damage done to the pipelines.

(Source: Reuters)

(Photo: Fire at Rumaila Oilfield in 2005)

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