US To Complete Iraqi Arms Deal

A deal for US fighter jets and tanks will not be stopped by political instability, reports Al Jazeera.

The deal is reportedly for USD11bn-worth of weaponry. Since the US pulled out its remaining troops two weeks ago, violence has increased, arrest warrants have been issued against senior politicians opposing prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, and opposing factions have made demands for decentralising power to such an extent and in such a way that it would probably require amending the constitution.

Alexandre Vautravers, editor of Swiss Military Review, told Al Jazeera: "If the US did not sell weapons to Iraq, the weapons would still materialise, perhaps from Russia or China, or perhaps from Iran."

Although the weaponry is advanced, it is not cutting edge. "The types of weapons which have been sold, F-16s, M1 Abrams tanks, these vehicles, these aircrafts, have been designed 20 or 30 years ago."

According to Vautravers, the US accounts for nearly 60% of arms sales to the Middle East.


(Sources: Al Jazeera)

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