Salih to Hand Over to Nechirvan Barzani in KRG Cabinet Reshuffle

Prime Minister Barham Salih will hand over to former Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani in a reshuffle of the Kurdistan Regional Government cabinet.

The move is part of the strategic alliance between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) which are in a coalition government. Under the agreement, Dr Salih was sworn in as prime minister for a two-year term in late 2009.

Yesterday Mr Barzani accepted the nomination of his party, the KDP, for the post of prime minister. He was selected because of his experience inside and outside government which is needed at a challenging time in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq as well as the Middle East.

Mr Barzani will continue to focus on improving the living standards of the people of Kurdistan, strengthening government and independent instititutions and upholding international standards of human rights, freedom of expression and the rule of law.

He will continue the policy of developing Kurdistan's oil and gas sector, implementing strategic projects, and promoting international trade and investment.

(Source: KRG)

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