Rental of Forklifts, Cranes, and Trucks for UN Use inside UNAMI Basrah Compound in Iraq

United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq is seeking to establish a contract for rental of Fork Lifts, Cranes and dump Trucks for its use inside UNAMI-Basrah Compound, located within COB Military Base in the vicinity of Basrah International Airport, at the U.S. Consulate General Compound (PRT), Iraq. This will be on “as-and-when “required basis. They will be used on the compound for general Engineering works and to relocate and re-arrange T- walls and Containerized Housing Units from one location to another.

2. UNAMI intends to award the result contract for one year, with the option of extension for additional one year at UNAMI’s discretion also subject to performance which should be satisfactory.

3. For this purpose, UNAMI will undertake a competitive bidding exercise shortly, accordingly would issue Invitation to Bid (ITB) to those companies who would express their interest and provide initial relevant information as to their ability to fulfill UNAMI’s requirement .

4. The Successful bidder shall be responsible, but not limited to:

a) Provide the following equipment :15-20 Tonnes Fork-lift, 20 Tonnes Crane, 30 Tonnes Crane, Flat bed, Dump Truck, Front End loader (shovel) and Roller Compactor.

b) Provide qualified fork lift, Crane and Truck operators and with sufficient knowledge and experience.

c) All equipments shall be duly registered preferably in the name of the contractor, and a copy of each rdddddegistration certificate with relevant details, ie date/year of manufacture, engine displacement and capacity, model number etc shall be furnished to UNAMI (separately for each equipment) upon entry into service.

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