Iraq Energy Expo & Conference

All interested international companies are invited to participate in the "Iraq Energy EXPO and Conference", April 23th – 26th, 2012 at Baghdad International Convention Center.

Iraq Ministry of Oil, is urging all companies to pre-qualify to do business with ministry by participating in Iraq Energy EXPO and Conference, April 23th – 26th, 20121 at Baghdad International Convention Center.

While worldwide demand for oil continues to grow as world population grows, unfortunately significant new major opportunities for oil supplies do not exist anywhere in the world prior to Iraq opening its doors and welcoming international oil companies in the past few years.

According to Mr. Hussain al-Shahristani, Iraq Deputy PM for Energy stated recently “estimate on the Iraq proven oil reserves sharply increased to 143.1 billion barrels, an almost 25 per cent increase, the world's second-largest proven reserves , that can be extracted by available techniques in the country". Adding that this total is based on reserves in 66 oil fields and there are other areas to be explored that are expected to add more to the reserve total.

Iraq for decades was left behind the rest of the world with dilapidated infrastructure and no capital investment to grow its energy sector, many reasons contributed including three major wars. Today billions of dollars are being invested by major oil companies from around the world and the work just started, many more billions for years to come will be spend to level the playing field with other oil producing countries.

Unprecedented energy business opportunities exist today in Iraq, unmatched anywhere in the world, and we invite you to participate through Iraq Energy EXPO and Conference, April 23th – 26th, 2012 at Baghdad International Convention Center.

The government of Iraq invites you to participate, five ministries are involved in the staging and planning of this event, let us show you how easy and safe it is to be part of this historic event, we will handle all your logistics.

Your company will be able to encage face to face with top decision makers, be prepared to do business in Iraq, make the next step.

(Source: Iraqi Ministry of Oil)

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