General Motors Top Seller in Iraq

Fox News reports that General Motors (GM) sold approximately 35,000 vehicles in Iraq last year.

The company's Global Communications Officer, Klaus-Peter Martin, told Fox that the number was up from just 1,000 vehicles five years ago.

General Motors manages the Middle East region from an office in Dubai, and markets its cars and trucks in Iraq through several dealers serviced by local distributor Al-Mansour Automotive Company.

Precise market data from Iraq is not available, but overall new car sales for 2011 are estimated to be around 115,000, with GM likely to take the number one position. Martin expects the market size to roughly double by 2015.

Chrysler currently works with one dealership in Baghdad that sells Town and Country minivans and the 300 luxury sedan, while the Northern Iraq Vehicle Agency sells Fords through its office in Sulaimaniyah.

Although Chevy and GMC pickup trucks and SUVs may be the most visible products on the streets of Baghdad and elsewhere, GM’s regional office in Dubai reports that its top sellers are actually low-priced small cars like the Chevrolet Aveo.

(Source: Fox News)

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