8,000 New Houses for Zakho

The Duhok Investment Commission has licensed two housing projects comprising over 8,000 residential units in the distrit of Zakho (pictured), on the Turkish border, according to AKnews.

The agency reports that Kurdistan has a shortage of 100,000 housing units, but this project is expected to meet all the requirements of Zakho. The two projects will be worth about $525 million in total.

One of the projects will have 7,496 apartments with areas of 120, 145 and 150 square meters each, while the second project involves 708 villas with areas of 312, 450, 603 and 1,000 square meters.

Both projects also include schools, kindergartens, health centers, and shopping complexes.

(Source: AKnews)

(Photo credit: Zaxo)

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