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Weekly Security Update for 30th May 2012

Levels of violence fell slightly in Iraq last week. At least 43 people were killed and 125 injured in nationwide incidents. A total of 43 bomb attacks left 24 people dead and 106 injured. There were no suicide bombings recorded although a number of militants were killed whilst handling explosive devices that detonated prematurely. A […]

8,000 New Houses for Zakho

The Duhok Investment Commission has licensed two housing projects comprising over 8,000 residential units in the distrit of Zakho (pictured), on the Turkish border, according to AKnews. The agency reports that Kurdistan has a shortage of 100,000 housing units, but this project is expected to meet all the requirements of Zakho. The two projects will […]

Weekly Security Update for 7th December 2011

As the US military withdrawal continues, many are worried at the possibility of increased militancy over the coming year in Iraq. Levels of violence rose over the past week with the highest number of casualties recorded in six months. As warned, terrorists targeted Shi’ah worshippers gathering to commemorate Ashura, with a number of attacks in […]

Weekly Security Update for 26th October 2011

Levels of violence did not change in Iraq last week, but there was a drop in the number of casualties reported. The previous week had seen a number of bombings in the capital which left dozens dead but last week’s terrorist attacks were less devastating in terms of the number of casualties inflicted.  Furthermore, Baghdad […]

Kurdistan Govt Approves $500m Avro City

The regional government of Iraq's Kurdistan has approved the construction of the $500m Avro City in Dahuk province as security in the area improves, Meed has reported. The project will include 120 low-rise buildings, 3,396 apartment units, 56 single-family villas, 40,000 sq m of education facilities, a five-star hotel, sports stadium, commercial district, healthcare facilities, […]