$17m for Kurdistan's Stadiums and Sports Centres

Seventeen stadiums in Iraqi Kurdistan are to be renovated, and new sports centres will be created, at a total cost of 20 billion Iraqi dinars ($17m), reports AKnews.

  • 4.6 billion Iraqi dinars ($3.9m) will be used to refurbish stadiums in and around Erbil, while 991 million Iraqi dinars ($850,000) will go towards renovating Sulaimaniya stadium;
  • Around 2 billion Iraqi dinars ($1.7m) will be used to finish the incomplete sports center in Sulaimaniya;
  • A sports center worth 991 million Iraqi dinars ($850,000) will be constructed in the disputed Makhmur parish, and another one in Khabat parish worth 495 million Iraqi dinars ($425,000);
  • Approximately 2 billion Iraqi dinars ($1.7m) will be allotted to Garmiyan administration where a 1.7 billion Iraqi dinars ($1.5m) sports hall will be built.

Funds have also been allocated to Kirfi, Kalar and other areas.

The project is to be put out to tender soon, and will be funded by the Ministry of Finance.

(Source: AKnews)

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