Belgian-British Firm to Build Govt Compound in Wasit

A Belgian-British company has reportedly won a contract from the Ministry of Construction and Housing to build a housing complex for its members in Wasit [Wassit] province.

The company, which has not been named, has conducted field investigations for the project, which will include 240 housing units within a number of six-story residential buildings, according to AKnews.

The site covers an area of 19 dunums [5 hectares] next to the Sports City in Qut, south of the city center. The units will be allocated to employees of the ministry in the province in addition to staff of Wasit Provincial Council.

For those wishing to purchase a unit, 25 percent of the value of the unit will be paid by the employee during the construction phase and 25 percent will be paid after completion. The remaining 50 percent will be paid from the housing fund as a loan.

The company will use foreign-manufactured materials for all stages of construction, and will be the first to use insulating materials in Iraq.

The ministry is currently building three residential compounds in Wasit province. The first is in Qut city and includes 504 housing units, while the second is in the Hay district - 40km south of Qut - and includes 520 units. The implementation of the third began last month in the Al-Suwaira district - 135km north of Qut - and includes 620 housing units.

(Source: AKnews)

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