First Lithuanian Delegation Visits Kurdistan

The first official and business delegation from Lithuania has visited the Kurdistan Region to meet with local officials and explore potential areas of cooperation.

The large group was headed by the Lithuanian Vice-Minister of Economy, Mr Daumantas Lapinskas, and included the Vice-Minister of Agriculture, Mr Mindaugas Kuklierius, and the Deputy Director of External Economic Relations Department from the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Regimantas Jablonskas. These senior officials met with a number of KRG ministers and representatives during their three-day visit to the Region.

Mr Lapinskas, said that the delegation was surprised by the vast progress taking place in the Region and that they were pleased with the warm hospitality they had received. He said, ‘We have witnessed much development across the city, and we believe there is much interest from our business community to engage in Kurdistan.’

The delegation pledged to return to Lithuania and raise more awareness about the safety, stability and progress that they witnessed and about the significant economic opportunities Kurdistan has to offer.

In addition to the official meetings attended by the delegation’s senior leadership, a business forum was hosted by the Erbil Chamber of Commerce, the KRG Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the KRG Ministry of Planning for the representatives of the 16 Lithuanian businesses that accompanied the delegation. The forum was also attended by dozens of director-generals from the various ministries and by local businesses interested in building stronger ties with Lithuania.

Commenting on the visit, the KRG Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr Sinan Chalabi said, “I was pleased to see such a large delegation. We witnessed significant success from the business forum, and we are hopeful that these meetings will lead to a number of important partnerships in the future.”

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