Iraq Buys 400 Armoured Cars for Arab Summit

Iraq has received 400 Chevrolet armoured vehicles in recent days, intended to transport senior foreign officials during the Arab League summit on 29th March in Baghdad, according to AKnews.

An MP from the acting Foreign Relations Committee, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the cars were purchased from a budget for the summit allocated two years ago.

In return for providing the fleet of cars, Iraq will be exempt from their annual membership payments to the Arab League, and the $50.4m (60 billion Iraqi dinar) budget for armoured vehicles for MPs will be spent on welfare programs such as the food rations or social services.

The anonymous MP also mentioned the possibility that after the summit the Iraqi MPs might use the fleet instead of buying new ones.

Iraqi MPs have come under fire from citizens and political groups for allocating $50.4m on armoured cars in the $100bn budget passed last week, with many complaining that Iraq's political elite has lost touch with ordinary citizens who face danger every day.

(Source: AKnews)

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