Croatian Companies Visit Basra

A delegation representing Croatian companies visited the Basra Investment Commission this week to study the available investment opportunities in Basra.

They discussed the possibility of obtaining investment projects in various sectors, and said that Basra represents a major target for international companies, especially in the oil sector.

They also invited the Governor of Basra and the Chairman of the BIC to visit Croatia.

The chairman of BIC, Khalaf Al- Badran, stressed the importance of attracting European companies in order to bring their technology and experience to Iraq. He also said the BIC was ready to provide the necessary facilities for holding an economic conference of Iraqi and Croatian companies.

One Response to Croatian Companies Visit Basra

  1. Dr Kadim Noor 13th April 2012 at 22:18 #

    Dear Sirs,
    I am an iraqi doctor of engineering. I studied the BSc degree in Zagreb 1975-1981 at the Technical Military Academy. Since I know the croatian language very well and have industrial experience in iraq for about 30 years, hence I can be a representative of the croatian companies in Iraq to explore the iraqi market for good jobs and contracts. waiting to hear from you accept my best regards.
    Dr Kadhim Noor