Supplying Steel Storage Tanks

Ministry of  Industry & Minerals Alfurat State Company for chemical industries import tender announcement Tender No: 5 /T/FUR-1/ 2012 ;  closing date :21-5-2012 MONDAY 12 AM,

Our company is pleased to announce this tender , the specialized and experienced bidders who desire to participate can obtain the required documents from (our headquarter - commercial department located in Iraq, Babylon , Saddat Alhindiyah or our office in Baghdad, located in Alsadoun Street , Iraqi Airways building , 1st floor , Mahala 102, Zuqaq 27, Hay Abo Noas, infront of Deewan Restaurant , after paying the unreturnable amount of One Hundred Thousand Iraqi Dinars.

The offers should be deposited in the offers box at our headquarter by three closed , separated and sealed envelopes (technical offer, commercial offer and documents marked with name and address of bidder , number of tender, subject of tender , closing date . The bidder should submit an official letter including authorized person who deliver the offer. The offers may be sent by the express mail (DHL, TNT, ...Etc)

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