Najaf Grants 4 Investment Licences Worth $79m

Najaf Investment Committee has approved ed four new investment licences in the areas of tourism, agriculture and entertainment, worth a total of $ 78.7 million (91.7 billion IQD):

  • an agricultural project to create an integrated farm that includes the cultivation of palm trees, olive trees and seasonal crops in addition to housing livestock of all kinds and milk production;
  • The second and third projects will see two family parks constructed which will offer games, cafeterias and rest houses;
  • The fourth projecgt is a five-storey hotel.

"More than [sic] 199 investment licenses have been granted so far in various residential, agricultural and tourist sectors at a value of $7bn (8.2tr IQD)," said committee chairman Wafi al-Bahhash.

Najaf, 160 km south west of Baghdad, receives millions of Shias ever year visiting holy shrines such as the Imam Ali Mosque (pictured).

The province is in much need of investment to rebuild its economy, which was greatly affected by years of war and sanctions.

(Source: AKnews)


One Response to Najaf Grants 4 Investment Licences Worth $79m

  1. mahmood alboosaeed 25th April 2012 at 21:08 #

    السلام عليكم
    النجف الاشرف هي خليط متجانس منشائه المذهب الواحد مما يعطيا حصانه امنيه جيدا جداويعود الفضل الى صيانة مركز القرار المتمثل بالمرجعيات الدينييه للاحزاب الاسلاميه فهيه بمثابة الوكر الحصين لهم
    ولحفض المقامات يتوجه سنويا حوالي 30000000 سائح ديني من شتى بقاع الارض
    فاني اعجب اين الحضور التجاري البرطاني
    اين السياسه الاقتصاديه من هذه
    لماذ لم يتم طرح مشاريع على الحكومه المحليه
    لا اعلم مذا ينقص التجار البرطانيين لخوض غمار العمل للحصول على الارض الخضراء