Iraq Exports 2.452m bpd Crude in May

Reuters reports that Iraq's oil exports in May averaged 2.452 million bpd, down from 2.508 million bpd in April.

The spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Asim Jihad, said on Saturday that exports from Basra (pictured) were 2.086 million bpd in May, with another  366,000 bpd from Kirkuk, including 7,000 bpd sent by truck through Jordan.

The average selling price for the month was $105 per barrel. From the start of 2012 to May, Iraq generated $39 billion in oil revenues with an average selling price of $112 per barrel.

(Source: Reuters)

One Response to Iraq Exports 2.452m bpd Crude in May

  1. Re da Caste 4th June 2012 at 22:44 #

    Is it true SOMO:s contracts are secret and that nobody knows for what price the Iraqi oil is sold out and ti which pokets the money goes?
    If true this is a big scandal and proves that it is high time for the dictator to leave.