Building Residential Complex in Wassit

General information

Type of advertisement / prequalification of the companies wishes to carry out the residential project in Wasit  ( Al-azizia ) Governorate .

No. of Tender : 7/2012 .

Language : Arabic  language .

Last closing date : ( 12:00 ) afternoon on  Wednesday  in    20 /6/2012

Chosen  class

A/ governmental specialization companies that are interested to participate in tender to be entitled in participating with  companies , Arabic and foreign institutions according to the item (3) from the article (15) from the law of general companies No. 22 year 1997 and it’s amendments.

B/ contracted companies that are classified as (excellent / construction) that are registered according to registry instructions and the classification of contracted companies and contractors No.3 year 2009 (original + copy).

C/ companies that are classified as (excellent / construction) that are interested to participate in tender with two companies or more also they can union in one contract jointly and severally registered in notary public as essential condition in participating and there is not allowed for any to retract or abandon from the contract of partnership in all stages of the project is beginning from starting of tender till the end of maintenance period.

D/ Arabic and foreign Companies that are interested to participate in tender according to the following:  

-         The company must to be specialized in construction jobs and the history of   establishment not less than 5 years.

-         Presenting certification of establishment company certified from granted side that is admitted in Iraq.

-         Company must have a certified branch in Iraq in the Trade Ministry / registered companies or the office of commercial representation taking into consideration the rule of law No. 5 year 1989.

-         If the company had an implementation businesses out of  Iraq , it should present that documents and registered in Iraqi  Foreign  Ministry and in Iraqi embassy of that country ,that businesses were  fulfilled according to application  designed for that purpose.

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One Response to Building Residential Complex in Wassit

  1. Sammy 8th June 2012 at 03:34 #

    Thers re so many projects going on these days, If I didnot know it would make me think that Iraq is as good as Dubai, I wonder if anyone is counting these projects and checking the reality were we see absolutely nothing on the ground