British Furniture Store finds Business in Iraq

A businessman from Bolton in UK, Asad Shamim, of Furniture In Fashion, says that the local companies must strike the emerging markets of Iraq, as it is said to start a major rebuilding program.

Quick to see an opening, the entrepreneur has already sold £60,000 [$96,000] worth of furniture to a new hotel in the Iraqi city of Al Najaf. The same hotel bought 50 pieces of furniture from Bolton store Saxon Leather earlier this year.

Mr Shamim has since secured a £120,000 contract with the Iraqi Education Ministry to supply specialist furniture.

Furniture In Fashion specializes in different types of furniture such as TV stands, coffee tables, beds, sofas, sideboards, bar stools, Almost every kind of furniture for your home, office or other commercial area is available at Furniture In Fashion.

Mr. Shamim has supplied different types of furniture to various Iraqi companies and hotels. He did secure huge contracts for supplying specialist furniture. Now, he aims towards helping many other companies of Iraq. Furniture In Fashion did receive these contracts of supplying furniture to the Iraqi hotel as well as an education authority by an agent.

The agent approached Mr. Shamim for this huge contract. After agreeing that the payment would be upfront, he received the payments and released good to them. With proper management, everything went well and became successful in carrying out a very smooth operation.

Asad Shamim is currently working with the Chamber of Commerce and trying to get the other companies of Iraq to supply different types of furniture.

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