Iraq's Deputy PM Confirms Exxon Still Operating West Qurna

Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister says ExxonMobil is still engaged with the West Qurna-1 oil-field in the south of the country.

At CWC‘s Iraq Petroleum 2012 conference in London last week, Dr Rowsch N Shaways told Padraig O’Hannelly for Iraq Business News :

"To my knowledge, Exxon is still operating in the South, with current contracts. I'm not the Minister for Oil and I'm not directly in charge of the sector, but as an Iraqi politician, my objective is that Iraq's oil is to serve all Iraqis.

"We have to increase  the revenue generated from oil, so that the whole Iraqi population can benefit ... We should give a chance to all companies to operate in Iraq, in particular to those companies that have the capacity and the know-how to operate in Iraq."

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