UK Men Charged with Selling Fake Bomb Detectors to Iraq

By John Lee.

British Police have charged six people over the sale of allegedly fake bomb detection equipment to foreign countries, including Iraq.

James McCormick, 55, who has been charged with six counts of fraud, was the director of British-based security company ATSC that sold explosive-detecting devices, according to Reuters.

The ATSC website says its equipment can detect explosives, narcotics and other substances at long distances through electro-magnetic attraction.

McCormick appeared in court on Thursday to deny the charges and was remanded in custody for a week, while the other five suspects will appear before magistrates on 18th July.

In February 2011, Iraqi authorities arrested a high-ranking police official in connection with the purchase of the ADE651 bomb detectors (pictured).

(Sources: Reuters, Crown Prosecution Service)

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