Video: Interview with Kurdish President, Massoud Barzani

By John Lee.

On this episode of Talk to Al Jazeera, Jane Arraf sits down with Massoud Barzani to find out how far he is willing to go to protect and promote the interests of the Kurdish people:

(Source: AlJazeera)

One Response to Video: Interview with Kurdish President, Massoud Barzani

  1. Uruki-the-Iraqi 29th July 2012 at 03:17 #

    What Mr. Barzani and other Kurdish officials have done to KRG (population 6+ million) is great and it is truly admirable but he (as an Iraqi politician) should also think about the safety and prosperity of all the Iraqis in general (All Iraqis living in the 18 provinces of Iraq and not just the 3 Kurdish provinces)… His comments about Iraq (population 33+ million) and Iraq’s MoE spending 27 billion Dollars on the electricity sector (so far) and nothing to show for it is misleading and untrue… Iraq’s 2012 electricity demand is 15 GW and Iraq is currently producing 9 GW BUT that is all going to change in 2013 when Iraq’s electricity demand will be met by supply and production of 20 GW (if everything goes well and according to plans placed since 2009 by the Iraqi government and MoE)… Compare that to Jordan (population 6+ million) and Jordan’s current electricity supply of 1.6 GW or better yet compare it to the KRG’s current electricity production of about 3 GW… Please give Iraq and the Iraqis some time to demonstrate their capabilities and let us not forget how they are also dealing with and facing waves upon waves of relentless terrorist attacks (repulsive) on a daily basis unseen by any other country or region on this planet!!!