You Can't Fix Stupid: The Iraqi Dinar Scam

Adkisson goes on to explain how, human nature being what it it, people refuse to believe they have been scammed, and likens the idea of a massive increase in the value of the dinar to 'magic beans'.

"Many remain truly convinced that their initial investment was a good one, and no amount of proof or logic can dissuade them", he says. On dinar-related bulletin boards, some will even argue openly that logic is over-rated, or irrelevant to the argument.

"It is a scam because the Dinar has no chance of significant appreciation, i.e., appreciation that would make buying Dinars worthwhile ... there is absolutely no reason to believe that the Iraqi Dinar will significantly appreciate in the long term, and it utterly insane to believe that the Iraqi Dinar will significantly appreciate in the short term, i.e., within 10 years ...

"You might as well buy bags of sand, because they are going to appreciate more quickly than the Iraqi Dinar."

Writers for Iraq Business News have often made similar arguments, some examples of which can be read here and here.

52 Responses to You Can't Fix Stupid: The Iraqi Dinar Scam

  1. Chuck Whelchel 13th October 2012 at 07:04 #

    Everyone here is completely and totally7 missing the point. It's NOT, I repeart again: NOT, whether or not those dinars you already have, or are going to purchase and later have, are actually going to gio up in value? When you bought those dinars, you got exactly what you paid for? A stack of foreign money. That's it? You bought a stack o9f money. Now, let's flip this coin over and see
    just what's on the other side. A-Haaa? You guessed it. When ever anuone buys anything of value? And, yes, all of Iraq's dinars do have value. You also buy into a dream? That's rioght. We all have dreams. We make an inverstment in our lives when we go to college? Nobody PROMISERS that a college educastion will make you rich. No way? We do it...becasuse we dream that it will
    pay the long run? So, what do you have when you spend a fortune on those sweet-smelling crispy dinars? You have a monumental dream. A dream that could last a lifetime and never copme true. Or, materrialize in an instant,. and a dream fullfilled? Yes. And what life is all about: Dreams?

  2. izstdeniem 29th October 2012 at 08:50 #

    its not scam...but it is sweet dream that will come true..i bought when i was 20years,me 28 years old..8 years already.but,before i want to buy the dinar.i set my mind that time, i need to wait for 10 years..because of the theory economics..actualy,the more u do research the more you will see the true of this thing...for me this is true if u look from economic side...