Iraq, Iran Water Dispute Escalates

Despite increasingly strong links between Iraq and Iran, a disagreement has broken out at ministerial level about Iran's use of water from the Wand River [Wind, Alwand, Hulwan].

According to a report from NINA, Iraq's Trade Minister, Khairallah Babekir [Khayri-allah Babakir, Khairallah Hassan Babiker], has said that he will not sign trade agreement with Iran, because of Iran's refusal to solve the problem.

During a high-level visit to Tehran, the minister told Iran's Trade Minister that it is not acceptable to sign a trade agreement with Iran while Iraqi towns are denied water because of Iran's closure of the river.

He added, "We are ready to sign this Agreement once waters are released into the rivers."

(Source: NINA)

(Picture: The Wand River at Khanaqin/Hanekin/Xanaqin)

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