MP Accuses Saudi Over Oil Pipeline

By John Lee.

An MP and member of the Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee has hit out at Saudi Arabia for its "hostile policy" towards Iraq.

Udai Awad, of the Ahrar bloc within the Sadrist Trend, told AIN:

"The reason for the dispute with Saudi Arabia is the attempt by KSA [Kingdom of Saudi Arabia] to seize the Iraqi oil pipeline passing through Saudi territories. The pipeline was constructed by Iraqi funds and it was established according to political agreements with the Kingdom but after the fall of the former regime we were surprised that KSA seeks to control on this pipe."

He went of to accuse Saudi Arabia of, "attempting to practice terrorism against Iraq and fight against Iraq politically, economically and socially for sectarian reasons".

According to a Government source, the oil pipeline built by Iraq to the Saudi port of Yanbu cost $2 billon and has a capacity of 1.6 million barrels per day.

(Source: AIN)

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