Baghdad: 1,250 Years and Counting

By John Lee.

In July 762 AD, Caliph Abu Jaafar al-Mansur commissioned the building of a city on the River Tigris.

Baghdad rapidly became a centre of learning and an economic and political powerhouse.

Today, despite a population of over 7 million, the city's standing is greatly diminished; security continues to be a problem, and it ranks at the bottom of the list for quality of living.

But Baghdad is not standing still, and efforts continue to improve this historic city for the benefit of its residents and the country as a whole:

... and those are just the projects that were announced in August.

This 1,250-year-old city continues to transform itself, and should be dramatically improved over the coming years.

If you're re-building Baghdad, Upper Quartile and AAIB are here to help you. For more information please contact Gavin Jones or Adrian Shaw.


One Response to Baghdad: 1,250 Years and Counting

  1. sammy 31st August 2012 at 04:11 #

    Belrouh, deldam nefdeek ya Maliki, Belrouh deldam nefdeek ya Adhrout,

    Empty news, I assure you nothing like that will happen, these people are empty, who are the companies and what are the plans, it is all empty promises.