Iraqi Oil Exports Hit New Highs

By John Lee.

Iraq’s oil exports rose to an average of 2.565 million bpd in August, up from 2.516 million bpd in July, the highest level in two decades (according to NINA), or highest in three decades (according to Reuters).

Spokesman for the Ministry of Oil, Asem Jihad, said that Iraq's daily export of oil averaged 2.656 million barrels, at the price of $ 106 per barrel, giving revenues of $8.4 billion (10.1 trillion Iraqi dinars).

2.252 million barrels a day were exported through the Persian Gulf, with 313,000 barrels were sent through Turkey’s Ceyhan port (pictured), and another 6,000 bpd by truck through Jordan, State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO) chief Falah al-Amri said.

“It’s the highest export level in three decades and we are moving ahead to reach another record next month,” al-Amri said.

(Sources: Reuters, NINA)

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