UK Foreign Minister Visits Iraq To Develop Trade

William Hague, the UK Foreign Secretary, has visited Iraq to express his government's interest in building better ties, as he recognizes the security situation has improved.

Speaking from Baghdad, he said:

“This visit has helped to reaffirm the UK’s long-standing friendship with Iraq and its people and had helped to further develop strong trade and commercial ties between our countries.

“I told Prime Minister al-Maliki that Britain will continue to support the political process in Iraq and the government’s efforts to deliver stability. The UK recognises that Iraq still faces significant threats from extremists, but the security situation has generally improved. We will continue to be closely engaged on this issue.

“Our economic ties are strong. Foreign Minister Zebari and I agreed to form a new joint Ministerial Council to increase trade between our two countries. The opening of a Visa Application Centre in Baghdad this coming October is also a further signal of our practical commitment to strengthening relations."




Sources: FCO

One Response to UK Foreign Minister Visits Iraq To Develop Trade

  1. Sammy 14th September 2012 at 03:22 #

    The Britts and the Yankees are happy to support Maliki goverment, irrespective of what is actually happening in the country, human rights abuse, summary excutions, lack of basic serivices. This stand sends the wrong message to the Iraqi people, it basically is saying yes we are here behind this corrupt state, we dont care about human rights, if maliki is selling the country cheap to Iran, it is Ok, The kurds are building their economy and infrastructure and Maliki only concern is stay in power and promote Iran Interests in the region; this is weird, what the Britts are saying here is basically we dont care about you no matter what happens.
    Did the forein minister question the abilities of the government to govern, no he basically is saying we know you are the worst possible and we are happy for you to carry on, no basic services, no huma rights, bad education system, rudumentary health system, street justice by the government in the form of assasinations, explosions etc all that is ok;
    we are behind you Maliki, to hell with the impoverished Iraqi people
    well done Mr haig, you speak perfect english and you like the sound of your own voice, but what you are doing here is a mistake that will never be forgotten