Business Risk Management in the MENA Region

The UK's Middle East Association (MEA) will be hosting a business briefing on how companies can assess and mitigate risks to their operations, in the MENA region, on Tuesday 9th October at Bury House.

The event will appeal to individuals keen to keep abreast of recent developments, as well as companies that either already have a presence in the region, or who may be considering entering the market for the first time.

The Arab Uprisings have inspired a significant amount of optimism that countries such as Libya, Tunisia and Egypt will enjoy increasing levels of democratisation and offer fresh opportunities for UK firms looking to do business in the region.

However, on-going instability in the form of regime change, regulatory uncertainty, protests, strikes and terrorist attacks continue to remain a risk to business. Recent incidents, such as the widespread riots following the release of a US-made anti-Islam film that ultimately led to the tragic death of the US Ambassador alongside other embassy staff in the Eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on 11 September 2012, have also served as painful reminders of how dynamic the situation on the ground remains in some countries.

As such, the MEA is hosting a two panel session that will cover how businesses can firstly, assess potential risks and secondly, take measures to mitigate threats to their physical assets and operations. In terms of risk assessment, topics that will be covered in this first panel will include due diligence, asset tracing and political risk. The second panel will include insights and analysis of trends in the insurance market for the MENA region, legal risks associated with doing business in the region and finally, crisis management and travel security.

We are delighted to announce the following panel of experts to help shed light on these issues, with panellists including Mounir Kabban (President of United Insurance Brokers), Thomas Wigley (Senior Associate at Trowers and Hamlins), Tony Prior (Director of Asset and Risk Appraisal at American Appraisal), Adrian Davidson (Commercial Intelligence and Investigations at Page Group, TBC), Toby Chinn (Associate Director at Control Risks, TBC) and Edward Posnett (Associate at KPMG Forensic).

Following the presentations, there will be a Q&A session followed by a networking reception.

Please click here for further details and registration form.

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