Iraq Energy Forum Details Announced

Baghdad will host Iraq's most anticipated energy event thus far on the 12/12/2012. Founded and hosted by Iraq Energy Institute (IEI), the Iraq Energy Forum (IEF) represents a unique gathering, distinguished by its exclusive line-up of senior Iraqi government officials and decisions makers, ambassadors, IOCs, industry leaders and cross-sector world renowned industry experts.

The event will be more than a conference and a networking opportunity, it will be a medium to influence and shape the Iraqi energy industry in the next phase of its evolution, as stakeholders will have the opportunity to directly engage with regulators, policy and decision makers, exchange views, as well as first hand and early insight into the investment and development plans and project announcements.

The Forum will duly commence on the 12th of December, with day one focusing on upstream-downstream challenges and opportunities, in addition to capacity building within Iraq. Day two of the event will focus power generation needs and projects, infrastructure challenges and investments opportunities, in addition to sustainability and resource-diversification.

Day one of the Iraq Energy Forum will be preceded by three simultaneous full day master-classes on the 11th of December. The master-classes will follow the theme of the Forum, with Master-Class 1 on Petroleum Development Policies & Field Operations which will cover all aspects of upstream sector in Iraq. Master-Class 2 on IPP & EPC Contracts will address IPP programmes, and tendering & contracting processes, conducive to preparing successful bids. Master-Class 3 will revolve around capacity building and improved on-going training and development.

The Master-Classes will provide participants with unparalleled insight into technical and procedural aspects of the industry in Iraq that would facilitate commercial success in a growing and evolving energy sector, that holding generous untapped potential. Mr Luay al-Khatteeb, Founder & CEO of Iraq Energy Institute has said this year on Bloomberg: “projected global demand will need two more of Saudi Arabia by 2035, and the only candidate right now that we can think of to fill the gap, and boost security of energy supply prospects is Iraq”.

Iraq's oil production reached a record high of over 3 mbpd in 2012 and the government is committed to ambitious plans of at least tripling production before the decade's end. Further, vast amount of gas reserves in Iraq remain underutilise, and Iraq's urgent power needs are well publicised.

Infrastructure de-bottlenecking, development and rehabilitation projects are paramount in dealing with the challenges ahead, therefore ample opportunities to capitalise and get involved in the next wave of investments will be on offer and should not to be missed. According to Prof. Ali Al Sayigh, Director General of the World Renewable Energy Congress and Chairman of the Board of Iraq Energy Institute: “ the energy industry in Iraq has made great strides so far, but it is time to introduce sustainability as building block for future developments and plans, since the Iraqi energy sector is not only vital to the Iraqi economy, but global energy markets at large”.

The Iraq Energy Forum has strong state support, with several confirmed ministers and heads of the decisions making committees in Iraq, which will provide further insight into government policies and directions, helping investors plan their strategies and investments for Iraq with optimal efficiency. The Forum benefits from enviable Ambassadorial participation, and the event will also close with an Ambassadorial Reception, which provides further networking opportunities.

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